Feminism Today: Let the Right Men In

Ever found dating troublesome being a feminist yourself or ever felt like your feminism is jeopardizing your longtime relationship? Well, it’s time to kiss those old and worn out ideas girls! Come on, we’re today’s girls, modern, sophisticated and liberal, why bother taking the hand-me-downs huh? Our feminism should be cut and shaped in our way then, they way of new, fresh and perfectly liberal feminists.

Tell Yourself First
It is hard for you being a part of us, the feminists to break out the traditions of hard-core feminism in a jiffy to alter them the way you want. Still don’t let it stop you from getting the euphoria of falling for your man and the happiness of going steady in your dream relationship with him. To do such, get the definition of liberal feminism first and make yourself one of the followers of the theory and see how easy to keep both your heart and self-respect intact in this society. The key to this is telling yourself a simple fact that by letting your love in you aren’t threatening your essence as a feminist. Remember if you don’t believe it yourself, you can expect others to believe it as well.

Showing is Believing
Now that you know yourself better, it’s time to show but in a very non-chick-flick way of course, since they mostly focus on showing yours outer beauty more and hiding the inner you inside. Looking closely at them you often find the beauty-babe friend of the geeky heroine telling her, “aw, don’t be a ‘know it all’ Steff! Guys hate to be less smart than their girls”. So, the ‘Steff’ plays all dumb hiding the real her and gets her guy in no time. In other words she cuts her real-self off just to be accepted by the guy she fancies and gets the happy ending. Really? Come on! How come you possibly think a person can be happy keeping the real her away getting a love, who is simply in love with the idea of her not the real her? So, just don’t hide yourself behind the mask of falsehood to grab the attention of your crush, just be yourself! Show the whole world that being one of the liberal feminists, you are good enough to get your real love who will really love and adore the original you.

Play with Your Looks
Many of the feminists are kind of under the impression that make-ups and stylish get-ups are tabooed because they think that makes them more products to men’s eyes and less women of substance. Well, they are right at certain limits that you shouldn’t make ourselves in to lucrative products while we should be praised and honored as we are with the dignity and entity you come along with. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you throw out all the lovely lipsticks and nice dresses you have or never shop for those again. Feel free to dress as you please and wear whatever sort of make-ups and hairstyles you want suiting your personality. This will show how strongly you love yourself and as long as you are doing that for your happiness only, it doesn’t matter who is getting attracted or distracted by that.

As a liberal feminist, you can be what you really are without any fear of being anything but loveable. Besides, who gets universal popularity anyway? Well, no one really, so don’t allow popularity or social acceptance scale to measure you as a person. Just remember, as long as you can face yourself without any shame or hesitation, as long as your cores are intact with your conscience, you are doing just fine, great in fact!


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