Influence of Feminism on Adolescent Girls

Feminism, the act of establishing equal rights to the men and women, has affected millions of people around the world. Through this advocacy, feminists have changed societies in the way we think about women and how women think about themselves. But is the influence brought by feminism brings more benefit especially in the family with adolescent girls? How do feminist mothers frame their experiences and communicate this with their adolescent daughters? And how do these girls accept the messages they receive? These are questions that we need to answer today.

Having a feminist mother is a good thing for adolescent girls. These women have showcased enough experience to guide them through the courses they want to take in life. But how exactly does their feminism affect the way their daughter thinks about the real world?
Feminism as defined is a way of gaining rights for both sexes. Women have been here long enough to prove that what is done by men can also be done by women. Several industries that long ago were exclusive only for men are now being managed by women themselves. The saying of one popular person that “If the cure for cancer is in a woman’s brain, we may never find it “does not hold water anymore.

But is this ability and strength being transferred through a mother and daughter relationship? The answer is definitely yes. Adolescent girls of today think of their feminist mother’s as their BFF (Best Friend Forever) and have long been communicating and receiving feminism influence in their daily lives.

Mothers who grew up to be feminists experienced many heartbreaking conditions due to the bias of the sexes. Many of them in the 80’s and 90’s may have been rejected to be accepted at work merely because of sexual discrimination. But they persevered. These are the stories of success that mothers share with their daughters on a daily occasion during dinner or bonding time.

Adolescent girls experience more freedom in the hands of feminist mothers. The idea of influence that feminism has with adolescent girls include their right to choose which career and interest they want to do in the future. A related concept on this is the awareness among some daughters that it is now acceptable for them to consider choosing a career that is mostly dominated by men. Take for example, a course that involves math and science. They consider this since they now have an idea that it would be more of a benefit in terms of salary when they go into that field. Another good influence that is now being shared by feminism to adolescent girls is the full knowledge of sexual harassment. Girls at a young age know how to recognize them, to avoid them and what to do if something like that happens. Mothers drive their girls to be independent and be cautious more of their action. But not only this, they also provide continuous support and additional knowledge in the interests their daughter has, but not in a way of pushing them for something they don’t want to accomplish.

In addition, by sharing their everyday experience with these adolescents they are setting proper guidelines. Feminism is not always about the fight between the sexes but also about the equality of human beings. Adolescent girls, at their young age are starting to learn morality in every form by acknowledging equal rights to everyone. These girls also carefully observe the way that their mother deals with home and work, and learn from the experiences they share with them.

The influence of feminism on adolescent girls is priceless. It has been proven that they grow up being people of influence, girls who know how to make life changing decision for the benefit of everyone. Also the feminist theory helps develop adolescent girl’s self-worth which can help them in the long run.


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