A True Feminist Is Not A Bully

It is a pretty common and preset idea for everyone that a feminist can be a bully or extremist. The truth is – not by a long shot. Well, for a true feminist. Why? This is because a real feminist is a person who promotes self-respect, courage, and strength to stand out and speak up for what they believe in without violating that of others in the process. They know that balance and harmony are the keys to healthy and happy coexistence. If you follow the feminism theory closely, this shouldn’t be new to you. But for those who think otherwise – get ready to be surprised!

Feminists aren’t Bullies
That’s right! Just because you’re a feminist doesn’t give you the privilege to be a bully. Bullying is the exact opposite of what feminism really is. As feminists, we are supposed to be balanced, nurturing, and sympathetic of the oppressed. We’re supposed to be the ones promoting justice and equality. Not the other way around! It’s because a true feminist is never a bully. She is as fair, balanced, and compassionate as she needs to be.

Feminism Speaks of Equal Rights
Feminism theory speaks of equal human rights and not just woman rights. The concept believes and believes earnestly that women are oppressed in this male dominated society and are deprived of social, economic and political rights as humans; this scenario needs to be changed in the sake of a society and civilization that treat everyone as equals. Looking at this concept you can see how just, expectable, desirable yet peaceful the demand is. There is no room for rudeness or bullying in mutual respect and understanding.

Be Confident and Courageous but Never Harsh
Being confident and courageous doesn’t ever mean that you need to be harsh. Yes, never back down to speak and fight for your rights but that doesn’t mean that you need to be rude and unkind to others. Be decent and considerate as well as being bold and courageous.

Create Awareness not Alertness
Being feminists isn’t a very easy job to do, but it’s the right job to do since we need to start making moves and fighting for our rights all by ourselves. And so will we, but in a calming and comforting manner so that we can create awareness and make others understand our points, not alertness that will only create chaos, misunderstanding and confusions.

We’re Humans First
Like I said before, feminism theory teaches us to earn equal rights as men’s since we are the two streams of a single source, a single species called humans. Then, how will it actually look like if we want equal rights as men’s in the sake of humanity and then again bullying the men or non-feminist women when they belong in the same species? Won’t that be double standard of us to do so? If we do this, of course it will be and with that it will be a huge black stain on the very essence of what we are and what we stand for. A true feminist would never want that and so will not allow that to happen as well from her part at least. See, feminist or not, it’s not a job for an individual to stop and change the entire world, this is indeed an impossible expectation to be fulfilled by a single person. Yet, we can expect and hope for individual awareness and change of thinking for betterment, cause if I change myself in to a better person and others do the same individually, we can do what we dream to do and a brave and beautiful world.


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