A True Feminist Is Not A Bully

It is a pretty common and preset idea for everyone that a feminist can be a bully or extremist. The truth is – not by a long shot. Well, for a true feminist. Why? This is because a real feminist is a person who promotes self-respect, courage, and strength to stand out and speak up for what they believe in without violating that of others in the process. They know that balance and harmony are the keys to healthy and happy coexistence. If you follow the feminism theory closely, this shouldn’t be new to you. But for those who think otherwise – get ready to be surprised!

Feminists aren’t Bullies
That’s right! Just because you’re a feminist doesn’t give you the privilege to be a bully. Bullying is the exact opposite of what feminism really is. As feminists, we are supposed to be balanced, nurturing, and sympathetic of the oppressed. We’re supposed to be the ones promoting justice and equality. Not the other way around! It’s because a true feminist is never a bully. She is as fair, balanced, and compassionate as she needs to be.

Feminism Speaks of Equal Rights
Feminism theory speaks of equal human rights and not just woman rights. The concept believes and believes earnestly that women are oppressed in this male dominated society and are deprived of social, economic and political rights as humans; this scenario needs to be changed in the sake of a society and civilization that treat everyone as equals. Looking at this concept you can see how just, expectable, desirable yet peaceful the demand is. There is no room for rudeness or bullying in mutual respect and understanding.

Be Confident and Courageous but Never Harsh
Being confident and courageous doesn’t ever mean that you need to be harsh. Yes, never back down to speak and fight for your rights but that doesn’t mean that you need to be rude and unkind to others. Be decent and considerate as well as being bold and courageous.

Create Awareness not Alertness
Being feminists isn’t a very easy job to do, but it’s the right job to do since we need to start making moves and fighting for our rights all by ourselves. And so will we, but in a calming and comforting manner so that we can create awareness and make others understand our points, not alertness that will only create chaos, misunderstanding and confusions.

We’re Humans First
Like I said before, feminism theory teaches us to earn equal rights as men’s since we are the two streams of a single source, a single species called humans. Then, how will it actually look like if we want equal rights as men’s in the sake of humanity and then again bullying the men or non-feminist women when they belong in the same species? Won’t that be double standard of us to do so? If we do this, of course it will be and with that it will be a huge black stain on the very essence of what we are and what we stand for. A true feminist would never want that and so will not allow that to happen as well from her part at least. See, feminist or not, it’s not a job for an individual to stop and change the entire world, this is indeed an impossible expectation to be fulfilled by a single person. Yet, we can expect and hope for individual awareness and change of thinking for betterment, cause if I change myself in to a better person and others do the same individually, we can do what we dream to do and a brave and beautiful world.


Influence of Feminism on Adolescent Girls

Feminism, the act of establishing equal rights to the men and women, has affected millions of people around the world. Through this advocacy, feminists have changed societies in the way we think about women and how women think about themselves. But is the influence brought by feminism brings more benefit especially in the family with adolescent girls? How do feminist mothers frame their experiences and communicate this with their adolescent daughters? And how do these girls accept the messages they receive? These are questions that we need to answer today.

Having a feminist mother is a good thing for adolescent girls. These women have showcased enough experience to guide them through the courses they want to take in life. But how exactly does their feminism affect the way their daughter thinks about the real world?
Feminism as defined is a way of gaining rights for both sexes. Women have been here long enough to prove that what is done by men can also be done by women. Several industries that long ago were exclusive only for men are now being managed by women themselves. The saying of one popular person that “If the cure for cancer is in a woman’s brain, we may never find it “does not hold water anymore.

But is this ability and strength being transferred through a mother and daughter relationship? The answer is definitely yes. Adolescent girls of today think of their feminist mother’s as their BFF (Best Friend Forever) and have long been communicating and receiving feminism influence in their daily lives.

Mothers who grew up to be feminists experienced many heartbreaking conditions due to the bias of the sexes. Many of them in the 80’s and 90’s may have been rejected to be accepted at work merely because of sexual discrimination. But they persevered. These are the stories of success that mothers share with their daughters on a daily occasion during dinner or bonding time.

Adolescent girls experience more freedom in the hands of feminist mothers. The idea of influence that feminism has with adolescent girls include their right to choose which career and interest they want to do in the future. A related concept on this is the awareness among some daughters that it is now acceptable for them to consider choosing a career that is mostly dominated by men. Take for example, a course that involves math and science. They consider this since they now have an idea that it would be more of a benefit in terms of salary when they go into that field. Another good influence that is now being shared by feminism to adolescent girls is the full knowledge of sexual harassment. Girls at a young age know how to recognize them, to avoid them and what to do if something like that happens. Mothers drive their girls to be independent and be cautious more of their action. But not only this, they also provide continuous support and additional knowledge in the interests their daughter has, but not in a way of pushing them for something they don’t want to accomplish.

In addition, by sharing their everyday experience with these adolescents they are setting proper guidelines. Feminism is not always about the fight between the sexes but also about the equality of human beings. Adolescent girls, at their young age are starting to learn morality in every form by acknowledging equal rights to everyone. These girls also carefully observe the way that their mother deals with home and work, and learn from the experiences they share with them.

The influence of feminism on adolescent girls is priceless. It has been proven that they grow up being people of influence, girls who know how to make life changing decision for the benefit of everyone. Also the feminist theory helps develop adolescent girl’s self-worth which can help them in the long run.

Feminism Today: Let the Right Men In

Ever found dating troublesome being a feminist yourself or ever felt like your feminism is jeopardizing your longtime relationship? Well, it’s time to kiss those old and worn out ideas girls! Come on, we’re today’s girls, modern, sophisticated and liberal, why bother taking the hand-me-downs huh? Our feminism should be cut and shaped in our way then, they way of new, fresh and perfectly liberal feminists.

Tell Yourself First
It is hard for you being a part of us, the feminists to break out the traditions of hard-core feminism in a jiffy to alter them the way you want. Still don’t let it stop you from getting the euphoria of falling for your man and the happiness of going steady in your dream relationship with him. To do such, get the definition of liberal feminism first and make yourself one of the followers of the theory and see how easy to keep both your heart and self-respect intact in this society. The key to this is telling yourself a simple fact that by letting your love in you aren’t threatening your essence as a feminist. Remember if you don’t believe it yourself, you can expect others to believe it as well.

Showing is Believing
Now that you know yourself better, it’s time to show but in a very non-chick-flick way of course, since they mostly focus on showing yours outer beauty more and hiding the inner you inside. Looking closely at them you often find the beauty-babe friend of the geeky heroine telling her, “aw, don’t be a ‘know it all’ Steff! Guys hate to be less smart than their girls”. So, the ‘Steff’ plays all dumb hiding the real her and gets her guy in no time. In other words she cuts her real-self off just to be accepted by the guy she fancies and gets the happy ending. Really? Come on! How come you possibly think a person can be happy keeping the real her away getting a love, who is simply in love with the idea of her not the real her? So, just don’t hide yourself behind the mask of falsehood to grab the attention of your crush, just be yourself! Show the whole world that being one of the liberal feminists, you are good enough to get your real love who will really love and adore the original you.

Play with Your Looks
Many of the feminists are kind of under the impression that make-ups and stylish get-ups are tabooed because they think that makes them more products to men’s eyes and less women of substance. Well, they are right at certain limits that you shouldn’t make ourselves in to lucrative products while we should be praised and honored as we are with the dignity and entity you come along with. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you throw out all the lovely lipsticks and nice dresses you have or never shop for those again. Feel free to dress as you please and wear whatever sort of make-ups and hairstyles you want suiting your personality. This will show how strongly you love yourself and as long as you are doing that for your happiness only, it doesn’t matter who is getting attracted or distracted by that.

As a liberal feminist, you can be what you really are without any fear of being anything but loveable. Besides, who gets universal popularity anyway? Well, no one really, so don’t allow popularity or social acceptance scale to measure you as a person. Just remember, as long as you can face yourself without any shame or hesitation, as long as your cores are intact with your conscience, you are doing just fine, great in fact!

Feminism Theory: Believe in Who You Are

Feminism theory is not only a theory in modern world. Many of us think that the theory has been set in to practice for a very long time now to change the world of men in to a world of women, which is an entirely twisted and mistaken idea. All that feminism stands for is equality between men and women. That’s the reason why feminism is regarded as an act or a movement to promote women’s right as humans, not to promote hatred and grudge against men. The only purpose of this is to maintain a harmonious, co-existence between men and women so that the world becomes big enough for humans and humanity together.

Respect Begets Respect
Respect is a thing that can’t not be snatched or be asked for, it is something you need to gain, to earn. That’s only possible when you have respect for others feeling and beliefs. Yet make one thing clear that having respect doesn’t mean obeying whatever others say or expects you to do, that means sticking up to your values and philosophies and standing up for those not undermining those of others. Remember, you can fight and get your rights as humans but respect is to be won only.

Power up with Projection
Let yourself to project the inner you through your actions to feel the power of your beliefs. We kind of nurture a tendency to hide the real us behind the image of us to live up to the society’s expectations. Well, it’s time that we stop doing that and make the ongoing men dominated society a neutral and justified one. And to do that you ought to let the real you lead you, not the society scared, opposite gender dominated you. Don’t forget one thing that if you are doing something that is not at all wrong for you and not at all harmful to others you shouldn’t stop from doing that, no matter if it seems undoable in current male dominated system. Keep telling yourself that if they can be themselves, you can be yourself as well. There is nothing wrong or impertinent in that.

Be Practically Emotional
The key quality that makes us different to men is our emotion and passion. While men listen to their mind, we follow our heart. It’s good that if you do that just don’t let you to go overboard which can give others the room for taking over. If they do what they typically do, as in, trying to undermine you calling you ‘emotional fool’ or ‘silly senti’, don’t give a dime to that kind of childish whining just don’t allow them to rule your life, that’s it. It’s the best to keep the solid harmony between our mind and heart to be on the front seat. Feminism theory teaches us how to do that. It’s your life and let yourself run it not other people in the society.

Don’t forget the top most rule of feminism theory that feminism isn’t about hating men and disrespect social norms, it’s all about getting women their human rights in the society nothing more. So, don’t just stay put and wait, rush to gear up and go for what you have faith in because you don’t have to be anybody else but you to make a difference, to be valued and to be admired. The best part is doing so you don’t have to be rude or disrespectful to anybody else’s feeling, you can do whatever you want until that do any kind of damage to others, and believe me, being the real you isn’t harmful at all.

Feminism: The Way to Your Freedom

Ever felt the need and necessity to change the present condition and position of yours in the society as a woman? Well I have, and the feminists throughout the ages have been feeling the same as well, and that’s why the idea of feminism emerged and the feminism movement began. Feminism is the theory that really speaks for your rights as an equal as a man in the society that’s full of male aggression and domination to set you free from the iron cage you have been living in for years now. Still, if you seriously and genuinely want the freedom that feminism can offer you, here are some simple rules you’ll have to follow.

Be Feminist, Be Proud

We are in a world of men’s dominance for so long now that any possibility to change to that frightens us even after wanting to be treated as equal as them and want to avoid the risk of being marked and labeled as feminists. Trust me, it’s nothing to be frightened or scared of. See, if you’re used to cutting your hair layered like forever now and you totally want to get a new look for yourself, you should go and get a new hairdo, like bob, angular or if you prefer to stay a little inside the book then at least steps perhaps? Still you never really get yourself one of those hair-do’s just because you don’t want to take a chance. You don’t want to jeopardize the usual sense of safety that you get from wearing the look you are having now, and that’s where you stay behind.

Look, proverbs like “fortune favors the brave” or “no risk no gain” didn’t come in one day, the braves and risk takers actually bring a real positive change in every trait of their lives and others too, at least to some extents of course. I can assure and tell you boldly that most of the time a new step taken for a good cause gets paid off handsomely. “What if I might look like a joker?” this type of risk never stopped me from getting my hair new cuts. So, if you truly and absolutely believe whole heartedly that you should be treated and positioned as same as a man in the world don’t ever hesitate to join the feminism movement and to be called as a feminist.

Feminism is Indeed Humanism

Feminism is something that’s vastly misunderstood and misinterpreted both by us and men. Most of the people have that kind of idea that feminism is some kind of extreme idea of some extremist women. In the matter of fact, some of us also think like that. This partial blind idea of feminism has weaken us to stand up together for us strengthening the men day by day to gain more power and rule over us. See, feminism isn’t some cult or anti-social group; it’s just a group of humanists promoting the very idea of human rights to make the women equal as men since we all are humans.

Will it be so bad to work for humanity and to become more vibrant and valuable as humans? No, right? So, don’t just choose to be sitting in the back row trying to stay behind the imaginary curtain to avoid facing and fighting against your fear of uncertainty or criticism, step up to sign up for feminism movement. Remember, doing so, you’re not only going to free yourself as a human but also will help the women around you to look up to you and muster courage to try to change their luck with breaking free and take a flight, free and high!