Feminism and Women: Break Free the Iron Cage

Feminism and women are tied up together since the idea of it first emerged in 19th century. Well, this is 2012 which means we are officially and reliably a hundred and forty years down the road of feminism now. Still it’s a matter of shame that how less we know about the very topic itself and how misled we are with the tiny knowledge of that vast concept. Perhaps that’s the reason why like every other mishaps, when it comes down to build ups and break-ups in relationships, females are held culprit most of the time. This is especially true in the case of a marriage failure. The woman has to endure almost the entire social and emotional condemnation.

And sometimes, a married woman often hear people say, “You should’ve hold on to the marriage no matter how hard it is. It’s for the welfare of the kids,” or “As a woman, it’s your job to be a submissive wife. You’re duty-bound to your husband all the time.”

See, nobody gets into a marriage then expects to get divorced someday. Still, it happens, due to common causes like domestic violence, domineering husbands, incompatibility, and even extra-marital affairs. The list goes on and on. But whatever the reason might be, the woman is forced to take the blow for it. She feels so helpless and fearful of her future that she tries her best to go on with the relationship, for the belief that it’s her duty to do so.

Surely feminism and women are greatly interrelated, but the matter doesn’t just end there. See, we tend to think that feminists are only females just because the word itself relates to women. Well, that’s a totally misguiding and entirely misunderstood interpretation of it. This is why this idea has not been flourished up to its potential until now.

See, feminism isn’t something that flushes the men down the system, or gangs up the women to do something that hideous and monstrous against men that a man can’t ever permit. It simply speaks up to the highest tone of its voice for equal rights for men and women as humans which could be and should be acceptable to any modern, rational and decent man. If our men don’t sideline the idea of feminism just thinking it as a female issue only, they too could see how justified and rational our stand is and be respectable for it. It is really important for a relationship to click and stay healthy since a relationship is a two-way road should be built on measurements, balance and the right kind of proportion.

The economic dependence is another key component of this entire discussion. Most of us, the women, aren’t economically independent enough to carry their living on their own and even after divorce they are hugely dependent on the alimony they get to be solvent economically. Many of us even leave our career in the middle of the road to manage our home and raise our children better.

Well, this is all very good and there is nothing wrong with it apart from losing our economic independence which can be fatal to our own identity as a human being. I personally am a witness of such an unfortunate case. One of my very close friends dropped out of school and got married to the love of her life throwing away her future as an individual. After ten years of marriage, being a mom and a housewife of a now cheating husband, all she got in return is a cursed caged life which she can’t break free just because she is economically not independent.

So, whatever you do, don’t throw away your career to become a part of someone else’s life because a relationship is happy and healthy when you and your partner are equal in it, both depending on each other for emotional support not for a financial one. Let your marriage breathe by making it a ‘want and need’ not a ‘need’ only.

Feminism and women are inseparable because it shows us what we truly are and what we really deserve, standing out for us, setting us to the right direction and this way we can break free of the invisible yet still ever existing iron cage and fly high in the free sky.


Feminism and Religion: The Facts and the Myths

We sometimes wonder if there is any true and real negative vibes between feminism and religion or not. It happens because being feminists we can’t always determine which way we are going in the eye of religion since many a times it has been tried to impose on us that we should sit behind and follow men doing nothing at all otherwise we will be violating the e rules and regulations of religion. Ever believed in such a theory? If you did, after going through the entire article you might want to rethink and reconsider your standing.

You see, as far as modern world is concerned, There are four major religions are co-existing together, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Among these Islam is based on pure monotheism theory which means there is only one Creator and no one else to be prayed to or to be worshipped and Prophet Muhammad (SM) is regarded as the guide and leader not as God or God’s child, Christianity is almost monotheism apart from associating Jesus Christ directly as God’s son, Hinduism believes in the existence of multiple Gods with multiple kinds of powers while Buddhism is a practice, philosophy and tradition based religion.

Yes, I know the shades and tones of every one of those are different. Women’s position and status varies too from religion to religion with certain rules and regulations and things like those. Still none of the religions asks women not to demand their rights. Women are encouraged to be treated as human not a product to dominate and rule over in every religion’s points of view. From the religious point of view, on denial of our birth rights as humans we are allowed to demand for what is ours as well keeping our religious rules in mind. So, if being a believer is the thing that’s stopping you for moving forward and ask for your rights, try to overcome that since you can really afford to stand up for what you believe in even respecting your religion. There is nothing to worry about that as feminism and religion are not supposed to be contradicting to each other once you know how to balance them together.

There is a common saying “is God a man, not a woman?” Well, let’s not put a gender tag on Almighty just because of a twisted system of men’s domination has been running on for so long and because we, the women have been allowing it to be. It is not God’s fault that men have taken the lead and women have been following them since the beginning of human race. It’s a two-way effect and unfortunately, we can’t just shake off our share in this unfortunate, ongoing, seemingly never ending system. So blaming Almighty isn’t a solution to this, the real way that can get us of out of this is to stand strong and united not forgetting who we are and what we stand for.

Let’s keep one thing in mind that a rainbow cannot be called as one until there is the harmonious and proportional blend of all of the seven colors that takes to make it. Similarly, a harmonious and proportional co-existence between men and women is necessary to bring and build up a great, healthy systematic society. We can create this by looking and moving forward in turning anger and frustration into an igniting and illuminating power that can drive the dark force out from our society without harming it at all.

Just remember, there is no space for extremist ideas in the zone of feminism and religion. So, let’s just be open and positive respecting our own religious perspectives without giving up any of our human rights which are ours to have forever.

Feminism and Culture: Change Yourself, Change the World!

Feminism and culture are totally two of totally different components to begin with. Still they can create a blissful harmony once they are blended together in a proportional way. You just need to know how to measure and mix to get the perfect fix. Never hesitate to do that since that can really make a difference and bring and build a new revolutionary culture. It is indeed the high time to do so girls! Let’s start working to change our fate before it’s too late!

Take Control
See, culture in is nothing but the life we live and the way we live it. Unfortunately the choice and decisions of our own lives has been influenced and determined by men, be it directly or indirectly, for many years now. This is not acceptable and expected in any way. Just ask a man if he is ready and willing to give up his own will on the mercy of women’s like we constantly forced to do, believe me, the answer won’t surprise you at all. If he is honest he is bound to say ‘no’ and so he should , as a human he has all the right to choose how he wants his life to be, there is no problem with wanting that. Then why would that be so wrong when we want the same thing for us, just because we are women? It’s time that we take control and speak up for us, making our own choices and make the others understand that we are humans as well and we deserve what we demand.

Go with the Flow as Long as that Goes with You
Making your own choices doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fight for anything and everything blindly. If you look closely there are many aspects in this existing patriarchal society where feminism and culture go hand in hand. So, don’t start fighting where there is no battle to win or lose at all. Just save that energy to start and win where it really matters. Till then keep going with the flow since that’s actually going your way!

Power Yourself Up with Passion and Positivity
We, the women are soft, loving, kind, passionate and emotional by nature. These virtues and qualities of us are often regarded as our weakness which is actually a very twisted and misunderstood idea of men’s society. You know what, let them be happily misunderstood and let’s get ourselves powered up with passion and emotion with an ounce or two of positivity in them to make a mark of our own to turn the world into a better place to be in.

Change Yourself, Change the World!
Do you know why we still haven’t manage to tie up feminism and culture in the same thread to bring some radical change in our fate even after millions of feminists’ constant and years-long untiring works? The answer is simple, we barely ever bring any change in us individually, we always tend to wait for the person standing next to me, to make the first move and lead from the front making an obvious and visible change in herself so that we can follow. Doing so, we sometimes miss our own chance to shine by letting go of the right time. It’s time that we take this matter out of meetings, seminars, blogs and papers; it’s time that we make some changes in each one of us individually so that we can change the world collectively. Remember, there is no hoodoo or mojo to change the ongoing culture of men’s domination overnight; it’s us who have to do it on our own starting in ourselves so that we can get what we are born to get, the rights of being human and turn this culture in to a contemporary and complete culture of humans.

Radical Feminism: Romance and Relationships

Whenever we come across the idea of radical feminism, an image of a bunch of men-hating women pops up in our mind. We tend to believe that radical feminists are bound to be members of some anti-men league or unable to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with men. Well, that’s totally untrue. Just give it a thought and you’ll see how illogical that would be if that was true. Yes, you can be a strong radical feminist but still keep a happy relationship with your man with a few simple tips and tricks. Let me show you how.

Don’t be a Man-Hater
The first and foremost rule is not to be a man-hater. Remember, radical feminism doesn’t fight against men really; rather it stands against the system that puts men in the driving seat to overpower the women. So, if you are a radical feminist don’t freak out if you like a guy because liking him won’t harm your beliefs as a feminist in any way.

Be Compassionate
Being a woman is a blessing, a power itself but sometimes we forget that especially when we find the men’s world too tough to survive as a woman. We often get frustrated of the male dominance in our social and family life. Sometimes that frustration takes such a big leap that we tend to lose the essence of what we really are. We often misunderstand our very own compassion with weakness and try to change ourselves in to something we are not. Being a radical feminist doesn’t mean that you have to become a man to wipe off the men out of the system. Just trust yourself and believe that you are as good as a man or even better as yourself only. So, don’t ever take your fury out on the system or on your relationship because that can ruin it all.

Be Bold and Confident
Once you’re in a relationship try to be bold and confident because that will keep your relationship beautiful. One thing to keep in mind though, don’t ever overdo that as that could be fatal to your love life. For example, we use makeup to look more beautiful than we already are. What happens when we color our skin chalky white, putting extra blush on the cheeks or painting our lips too red? I know, that’s a look that fits the clown best. Overdoing of boldness and confidence can really destroy your relationship just like the over use of makeup literally ruined the idea of a perfect look.

Balance is the Key
Radical feminism detests the patriarchal society because of men’s domination over women in almost all the aspects of our life. Don’t bend down to any kind of domination and do what you believe to be the best for the both of you. In a relationship, balance is the key. Always try to keep the balance in whatever compromise or sacrifice or adjustment you are making to work your relationship out. Make sure that your partner is doing the same as well. Simply don’t make it one sided and don’t let him to take you for granted and vice versa.

Be Radical, Be Magical
It may sound impossible but maintaining a successful relationship with the man you want most without leaving your radical feminist views is totally doable! Just keep it in mind that radical feminism doesn’t stop you from becoming a sweet girlfriend or a happy wife or a proud mother, it simply keeps you from being dominated and abused. Believe me, it truly does! So, stop hesitating to go for the love life you want that to be because even after being a radical feminist you can do magic in your relationship keeping the essence and beliefs of yours intact!

Liberal Feminism and Human Rights

Have you ever thought why men don’t need to fight for their rights like we do? How come they get everything they want so easily? Why being a man is regarded as a power itself? Well, the answers to all these questions lie in our social system; a system which is built upon the base of male domination on us and for the men only. Trust me, any of it wouldn’t be possible if men didn’t felt themselves superior to us, the women. They believed and still believe in the superior theory so strongly that they actually made the overpowering women possible. As a result we still are fighting for our basic rights as human even after 2011 years in our world history of civilization. You know what? Enough is enough! It’s already been way too long we let the patriarchal system rule over us; it’s time to bring a change in us to change the system and the so called men’s world. That’s where the journey of liberal feminism begins and we, as the liberal feminists have to lead the journey sitting in the front seat giving directions and setting examples to others.

Believe in Yourself
Like I said before, men have taken the power to themselves only by believing in themselves and acting by that belief. It’s time that we turn the table. I know, it’s not always easy to take over our preset ideas that have been put in our mind from our early childhood as auto suggestion and to swim against the flow. But hey, who said that would be easy? That is a tough move which we can make real easy when we start believing in ourselves; when we start believing that we are never behind than men in any phase of our life. We have to keep faith in the very basic idea on which liberal feminism stands upon that we are equal to men and we deserve to get whatever they get and however they get.

Stand Out and You Won’t be Standing Alone
Never sit behind being oppressed or dominated, rise proudly and gracefully against any offensive and discriminating behavior towards you. Don’t ever be shy to stand out for what you feel deep down inside. Believe me when you dare to stand out no men would dare you because you won’t ever be standing alone and fighting for your rights, we all will be with you doing the same.

You are a Human First
The most interesting part to be one of the liberal feminists is rather being a human first than being a woman. Remember, we are not fighting for being women; we are fighting for the basic human rights the society has been denying us for being women for ages now. And because we are human first, no one can refuse to have our own rights and rightful places and positions in the society.

Build the Bridge of Balance
See, the beauty of joining the liberal feminists is to try to build the bridge of balance between the power and domination of men and women in the modern world. Otherwise the world and society will remain overly imbalanced like it is now for even many more years taking side with men in totally unjust ways.

We don’t want other people’s rights; we want our deserved ones since we don’t want to dominate men and take over the power to rule over them. All we want is the power over our life, our decisions, our choices and our positions as humans, the equal rights that are rightfully ours. The right to be live as equal as men since we all are first and foremost the humans.

Men and Feminism: What is a Pro-Feminist Man?

Men, being the “stronger sex,” have different views on women empowerment and gender equality; what’s more – on feminism. Their responses vary from sympathetic to critical. And according to Michael Kimmel, the reaction of men to feminism can be categorized into: anti-feminist, masculinist, and pro-feminist.

While an anti-feminist and masculinist man in the society is hardly a surprise, we can’t say the same on a pro-feminist man. Why not? We are so used to meeting domineering and chauvinistic men who do nothing but impose their superiority any chance they get. These are the very people who often under estimate women’s abilities and believe that women are not temperamentally fit to handle tough decisions and logical thinking. They always want to take control and get the upper hand of every situation. This fact makes it surprising that there are manly-men who are advocates of feminism.

Though it seems a little hard to believe, there is that type of men out there.

But what is a pro-feminist man, exactly?

According to Michael Flood, “Pro-feminist men are men who are actively supportive of feminism and of efforts to bring about gender justice and equality.”

They are pro-women. They are generally sympathetic about women’s stand in society. They believe that men and women should be treated as equal; that women should also receive the same amount of power and privilege that men enjoy. They refuse to be a part of a society favoring the dominance of men over women.

Read this: They are even passionate advocates about it.

Their strong belief led them to actively participate in organizations aiming to promote anti-violence work among young boys and of-age men. They provide lectures and workshops on anti-sexual harassment, self-preservation among women, and other educational campaigns which will help their advocacies. But while some pro-feminist men would rather take part in political activism, there are other pro-feminists who are not active in public campaigns. The latter show their support by applying pro-feministic ways in their every day lives – in their homes, communities, and even at work.

You’ll know that you’re dealing with a male feminist if he possesses these characteristics:
– has a strong sense of care: for their family, for children’s and women’s well-being, and for the welfare of society and environment in general.
– is more sensitive to his partner’s needs: physical and emotional needs. They make sure to put these needs above their own.
– is more tolerant to women’s behavior: for men, women are like thick books – complex and too long to read. If a man is highly tolerant to women complexities, then he is most probably a feminist.
– Respects his partner’s individuality and recognizes her capabilities: A feminist man doesn’t demand dependency from his partner. He lets her decide for her own and provides support for her endeavors.
– is a one-woman man: Pro-feminist men are known for being monogamous. They are against polygamy and never cheats on their partners.
– he is full of positivity: so full of it that he uses this attitude to promote empowerment to the people around him. He is always known for using positive language and coax people to do the same.
– doesn’t impose dominion in his household: he always recognize the division of labor and ensures that everybody is given an equal role in the house.

In this world where the ways of thinking and human language are dominated by men, isn’t it nice that there are a couple of them who refuse to take part in this norm and actually promote equality and women empowerment?