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Feminism: The Way to Your Freedom

Ever felt the need and necessity to change the present condition and position of yours in the society as a woman? Well I have, and the feminists throughout the ages have been feeling the same as well, and that’s why the idea of feminism emerged and the feminism movement began. Feminism is the theory that really speaks for your rights as an equal as a man in the society that’s full of male aggression and domination to set you free from the iron cage you have been living in for years now. Still, if you seriously and genuinely want the freedom that feminism can offer you, here are some simple rules you’ll have to follow.

Be Feminist, Be Proud

We are in a world of men’s dominance for so long now that any possibility to change to that frightens us even after wanting to be treated as equal as them and want to avoid the risk of being marked and labeled as feminists. Trust me, it’s nothing to be frightened or scared of. See, if you’re used to cutting your hair layered like forever now and you totally want to get a new look for yourself, you should go and get a new hairdo, like bob, angular or if you prefer to stay a little inside the book then at least steps perhaps? Still you never really get yourself one of those hair-do’s just because you don’t want to take a chance. You don’t want to jeopardize the usual sense of safety that you get from wearing the look you are having now, and that’s where you stay behind.

Look, proverbs like “fortune favors the brave” or “no risk no gain” didn’t come in one day, the braves and risk takers actually bring a real positive change in every trait of their lives and others too, at least to some extents of course. I can assure and tell you boldly that most of the time a new step taken for a good cause gets paid off handsomely. “What if I might look like a joker?” this type of risk never stopped me from getting my hair new cuts. So, if you truly and absolutely believe whole heartedly that you should be treated and positioned as same as a man in the world don’t ever hesitate to join the feminism movement and to be called as a feminist.

Feminism is Indeed Humanism

Feminism is something that’s vastly misunderstood and misinterpreted both by us and men. Most of the people have that kind of idea that feminism is some kind of extreme idea of some extremist women. In the matter of fact, some of us also think like that. This partial blind idea of feminism has weaken us to stand up together for us strengthening the men day by day to gain more power and rule over us. See, feminism isn’t some cult or anti-social group; it’s just a group of humanists promoting the very idea of human rights to make the women equal as men since we all are humans.

Will it be so bad to work for humanity and to become more vibrant and valuable as humans? No, right? So, don’t just choose to be sitting in the back row trying to stay behind the imaginary curtain to avoid facing and fighting against your fear of uncertainty or criticism, step up to sign up for feminism movement. Remember, doing so, you’re not only going to free yourself as a human but also will help the women around you to look up to you and muster courage to try to change their luck with breaking free and take a flight, free and high!