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Feminism Theory: Believe in Who You Are

Feminism theory is not only a theory in modern world. Many of us think that the theory has been set in to practice for a very long time now to change the world of men in to a world of women, which is an entirely twisted and mistaken idea. All that feminism stands for is equality between men and women. That’s the reason why feminism is regarded as an act or a movement to promote women’s right as humans, not to promote hatred and grudge against men. The only purpose of this is to maintain a harmonious, co-existence between men and women so that the world becomes big enough for humans and humanity together.

Respect Begets Respect
Respect is a thing that can’t not be snatched or be asked for, it is something you need to gain, to earn. That’s only possible when you have respect for others feeling and beliefs. Yet make one thing clear that having respect doesn’t mean obeying whatever others say or expects you to do, that means sticking up to your values and philosophies and standing up for those not undermining those of others. Remember, you can fight and get your rights as humans but respect is to be won only.

Power up with Projection
Let yourself to project the inner you through your actions to feel the power of your beliefs. We kind of nurture a tendency to hide the real us behind the image of us to live up to the society’s expectations. Well, it’s time that we stop doing that and make the ongoing men dominated society a neutral and justified one. And to do that you ought to let the real you lead you, not the society scared, opposite gender dominated you. Don’t forget one thing that if you are doing something that is not at all wrong for you and not at all harmful to others you shouldn’t stop from doing that, no matter if it seems undoable in current male dominated system. Keep telling yourself that if they can be themselves, you can be yourself as well. There is nothing wrong or impertinent in that.

Be Practically Emotional
The key quality that makes us different to men is our emotion and passion. While men listen to their mind, we follow our heart. It’s good that if you do that just don’t let you to go overboard which can give others the room for taking over. If they do what they typically do, as in, trying to undermine you calling you ‘emotional fool’ or ‘silly senti’, don’t give a dime to that kind of childish whining just don’t allow them to rule your life, that’s it. It’s the best to keep the solid harmony between our mind and heart to be on the front seat. Feminism theory teaches us how to do that. It’s your life and let yourself run it not other people in the society.

Don’t forget the top most rule of feminism theory that feminism isn’t about hating men and disrespect social norms, it’s all about getting women their human rights in the society nothing more. So, don’t just stay put and wait, rush to gear up and go for what you have faith in because you don’t have to be anybody else but you to make a difference, to be valued and to be admired. The best part is doing so you don’t have to be rude or disrespectful to anybody else’s feeling, you can do whatever you want until that do any kind of damage to others, and believe me, being the real you isn’t harmful at all.